100 Year Old Chalkboards Discovered At A School


Recently a series of 100 year old chalkboards discovered hiding behind some chalkboards that were going to be replaced with new whiteboards.  The school where these were found is Emerson High School in Oklahoma City.

The chalkboards give some insight as to what was being taught in those days.  There are a series of pictures including two girls, a turkey and what looks like a ship Columbus might have sailed on to the new world.  There are also lessons that show cursive writing, math and other interesting bits.  It’s basically a time capsule from what looks like 1917, the year before the end of the Great War, namely WW1.

The chalkboards were discovered in 4 different classrooms at the Emerson High School.  The following pictures are from Emerson High School.

Chalkboards God Emerson High School in Oklahoma City

Shows that religion was talked about in school, unlike so many schools today.

Chalkboard Thanksgiving Emerson High School in Oklahoma City

Nice calendar showing the date December 1917 and based on the fact that everything except for the 29 and 30 have dots, you can probably assume that it was December 29, 1917.

Chalkboard Math Emerson High School in Oklahoma City

I haven’t quite figured out what this math wheel is about or how it was used.  It would be interesting to hear what people think.

chalkboard bubble Emerson High School in Oklahoma City

Love the colors and you can see bubbles on the tree and how they created them.

Chalkboard music Emerson High School in Oklahoma City

Looks like a musical note, but also showing math.

chalkboard Turkey 2 Emerson High School in Oklahoma City

Here you have a pretty looking Turkey with some math.  Not sure what the stairs mean.

It appears that at the time the chalkboards were written on, Thanksgiving was right around the corner.  You see turkeys, pilgrims and a ship.

Emerson High School in Oklahoma City 4 Emerson High School in Oklahoma City 3
Here we have some pilgrims.
Emerson High School in Oklahoma City 2
Someone drew a ship that resembles the ships Columbus might have used.
Chalkboard Emerson High School in Oklahoma City 1

Here you can see that even janitors from DJ Gero & Co could use cursive (11/30/1917).  Now you would be hard pressed to find a janitor that can write in cursive.

All in all, super cool.




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