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The Ace Stapler Model 102 also known as the Ace 102 Standard has been around since the 1930’s, but has since been discontinued.  “This most rugged of all commercial staplers features all-steel construction with chrome finish and 3 7/8″ stapling reach. Staples, pins and fastens as many as 30 sheets of 16 lb. paper.”  The Ace 102 Standard stapler was made in Chicago, Illinois by the Ace Fastener Corp.

We love the look of the Ace Stapler.  There is something quite appealing to Ace swingline stapler.  I could just imagine Office Space instead of using the “favorite red Swingline stapler”, had used these, that the Ace stapler would be much more in demand.  Lucky for those who collect antiques, these are still readably available.

Ace Stapler Model 102- History

The stapler is 4 inches tall at the tallest and 7.5 inches long.  There are patents which are typically located on the bottom of the stapler (2033018, 2033049, 2112941).  The earliest was submitted Jan 22, 1930 and was approved March 3, 1936.  It was invented by William F Webber and called the Stapling Machine.  It uses Ace Standard Staples or Aceliner Chisel Point Staples.

Ace Scout Model 202Ace Scout Model 202 StaplerThe Ace Fastener & MFG. INC was the last company to produce the Ace 102 Standard.  Unlike many of the staplers featured her on Antique Outings, the Ace Model 102 Stapler continued on until just recently when Ace Fastener & MFG. INC, discontinued it.  They continue to sell the Pilot 404 and the Pilot Reach.  Originally founded in 1952, Ace Fastener and Manufacturing is one of the oldest full line fastener dealers still in operation.  At some point Ace Fastener Corporation probably changed names to Ace Fastener & MFG Inc.

There were a few other staplers in the Ace Fastener Corp line including the Ace Scout (3 versions model 202) and the Ace Cadet.

Ace Stapler Model 102 – Determining Age

It is a little hard to determine the age for a Ace Stapler Model 102 from an new one.  They are fantastic staplers that basically haven’t changed much since they were originally designed.  The Ace Scout Stapler Model 202 has 3 designs making them a little easier to determine their age.  I need to see what the patents are for these to really determine their age.

Ace Stapler Scout Model 202

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    • Hi Donald,

      In general you look at the last patent date. In this case it’s 2112941. You would do a patent search on that.

      Patent number: 2112941
      Filing date: Oct 20, 1930
      Issue date: Apr 5, 1938

      The Inventors were William F Weber, George C Boa and William G Pankonin. The Assignor was Ace Fastener Corp.

      I would estimate that the stapler could be anywhere from 1938 – 1950. This is just a rough estimate since the patent was actually accepted in 1938. If it was before 1938, it wouldn’t usually have that patent number on it since the patent office hadn’t issued it yet.

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