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Antique Jump RopeI am always on the search for various antique or old school workout products.  One that has always been great fun is the Antique Jump Rope or skipping rope as it is referred to in England.  The origins of the jump rope are not certain.  It is believed to have evolved during Medieval times, but no one really knows.

Today’s jump ropes are really fast and doing moves called double or tripple unders is common place.
Many of the older jump ropes were made simply from rope, but some found that using wooden bobbins for handles worked really well.

Antique Jump Rope – Bobbin Handles

Here is a vintage jump rope I picked up.  It has beautiful, naturally aged antique wooden bobbin handles.  They’re solid and in excellent condition, with solid brass ring fittings – for reinforcement, when they carried yarn in a woolen mill factory, long ago.

The rope cord itself, is derived entirely from natural, tightly woven jute fibers (the main component in high quality twine).

The handles are identical, and are engraved; one with “SALT.SALTAIRE”, the other handle with “SALTS”.   This indicates that they originally belonged to the Salt’s Mill.

The famous Salt’s Mill textile factory was founded in 1851 in the Victorian village of Saltaire, in West Yorkshire, England.

When looking for bobbin spool handles to create your antique jump rope, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.  Vintage and Antique bobbin handles can be purchased from ebay or esty for a very reasonable price.  Don’t spend more than $20 for a set (Including shipping).

Another option is to find a vintage jump that might not look as antique, but in the end might actually perform better.  I tend to like the ones with the metal spring swivels and the hook.  They seem to spin faster and are a little heavier.

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  1. I found an Antique Jump Rope today at a thrift shop.I appreciate your website. How does one find the value in the item found? It is in excellent condition.
    Thank you,
    Linda from Santa Cruz, CA

    • Hi Linda,

      Most vintage/antique jump ropes aren’t really worth much. They seem to serve one of two purposes. One is of course the obvious, as piece of exercise equipment. The other is to serve as a decoration. Most of the antique ropes are probably better served by the ladder.

      Now if your jump rope is made from two really old sewing bobbins it might be worth $20-$40. We would love to see a picture of it.



  2. My son in law found a jump rope with wooden handles that look like the old red and black chef figurine salt and pepper shakers of the 1950s. Do you have any information on them? I have searched the internet trying to find another one without any luck.

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