Beatlemania – 50 Years Ago


Beatles Ed Sullivan ShowTime seems to fly by and a year before I was born, the Beatles made their debut in the US on “The Ed Sullivan Show”, Sunday, Feb. 9, 1964.  This then was the beginning of Beatlemania that spread across the US.  It’s hard to imagine a band or group having such a huge success after a single show in today’s ever changing news cycle.  Life was just simpler back then and people tuned in to watch shows like “The Ed Sullivan Show” on a weekly basis.  Now with Netflix, Showtime, cable and so many more options, it’s hard to get a large audience unless it’s the Superbowl.

I was never one to really like the Beatles, I preferred bands like the Eagles or Steve Miller, but as I get older I do often find myself singing along to a Beatles song.  I guess that is the genius of their music.  It doesn’t have that twisted feel to it, like so many songs do today. It seems happier and more upbeat.

Beatlemania - 50 Years Ago




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