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curio and relicsAt some point during a antique collector’s life they may require a Curio and Relics License or the service of a Federal Firearm License (FFL) dealer to purchase or to transfer a firearm.  The Curio and Relic License allows collectors to acquire firearms directly without having to go through a background check, known as the National Instant Criminal Background check.  In order to qualify, the firearm must be over 50 years old or be certified as a curio or a relic, or “derive a substantial part of their monetary value from the fact that they are novel, rare, or bizarre.”  If the weapon is older than 1898 and not designed to use rimfire or centerfire ammunition is exempt.

FFL dealers can transfer these firearms to C&R holders directly without the check, and C&R holders can transfer them among themselves.  Websites like Gun Broker have created FFL dealer networks that make buying antique firearms much easier.  You simply contact a FFL dealer in your area and have the transaction go through them.You can download the Curio and Relic License from ATF’s website.  One copy has to go to ATF and the other has to go to the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer.  ATF has provided a pretty comprehensive Curio and Relic License FAQ.
Here is a list of sites I have found useful when looking to buy guns online (ranked from best to worse):

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