Electro Voice 726 Microphone Cardyne I


During the 1950’s and 1960’s Electro-Voice came out with some fantastic microphones known as the Electro Voice 726 and 731.  These were dynamic microphones that used what is referred to as a cardioid directional pickup pattern to help with noise and feedback reduction.  The 727 came with the “Cardyne I” tagline and the 731 had the “Cardyne II” tagline.

Electro Voice History

EV Microphone 731 Antique VintageElectro Voice started out in 1927 manufacturing radio parts in South Bend Indiana. It was started by Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs.  In 1930, Al and Lou develop a public address system for the football coach of Notre Dame University, Knute Rockne.  Knute referred to the microphone as his “Electric Voice”

In 1934 Electro Voice (EV) invents the hum-bucking coil, which allows the microphone to be held close to lights and other electrical devices without creating a hum.  Another advancement occurred in 1940, when EV invented the noise-cancelling microphone, that would be used by the military during WWII.  1954 saw the development and introduction of the Variable-D microphone technology.  This helped minimize the bass boost that would often occur during close up recording sessions.  This helped improve the microphone’s ability to improve vocals during performances, recordings and broadcasts.

Like the Shure 55 Fatboy, the Electro Voice 726 and 731 mics are extremely heavy, weighing in at over 2 1/2 pounds, giving them the heavyweight title.

Electro Voice 726 Microphone Cardyne I

Electro Voice 726 Microphone Cardyne I


Electro Voice 345 Shock Mount

EV model 345 shock mount

Ella Fitzgerald Electro Voice 726 or 731 microphoneThe Electro Voice model 731 Cardyne II originally sold for $80 and came with a shock mount, like the one above.  The 726 Cardyne I also came with a 345 shock mount and sold for $59.  The 731 Cardyne II was an improvement over the original Cardyne I, since it had a little better response and boosted output.  I believe both models had a improved modification done to the impedance selector when the Cardyne II was released.  For those that didn’t have the 345 shock mount, they could purchase one for $11.50.  The 345 shock mount helped eliminate unwanted vibration noise.

Electro Voice Cardyne II 731 Microphone Ad

It appears Electro-Voice also sold their microphone to Rauland-Borg Corp.  The microphones looked almost identical except instead of a EV they had an R emblem engraved in the front along with the Rauland-Borg Corp. text.

Rauland-Borg Corp Electro-Voice Microphone Vintage Antique



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