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Ah yes, the Greedo Killer.  The Star Wars DL-44 blaster gets it’s nick name Greedo Killer from the famous scene in the movie Star Wars A New Hope (ANH), where Han Solo is confronted by a bounty hunter named Greedo.  The movie scene takes place in a cantina, where we find Han Solo sitting relaxed across a table from Greedo.

Han Solo Greedo Greedo Killer

Greedo: [In Huttese; subtitled] Going somewhere, Solo?
Han Solo: Yes, Greedo. I was just going to see your boss. Tell Jabba I’ve got his money.
Greedo: It’s too late. You should have paid him when you had the chance. Jabba’s put a price on your head so large, every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you. I’m lucky I found you first.
Han Solo: Yeah, but this time I’ve got the money.
Greedo: If you give it to me, I might forget I found you.
Han Solo: [stealthily going for his blaster] I don’t have it with me. Tell Jabba…
Greedo: Jabba’s through with you! He has no use for smugglers who drop their shipments at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser.
Han Solo: Even I get boarded sometimes. Do you think I had a choice?
Greedo: You can tell that to Jabba. At best, he may only take your ship.
Han Solo: Over my dead body!
Greedo: That’s the idea… I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.
Han Solo: Yeah, I’ll bet you have.
[Han blasts Greedo, then heads out, tossing the bartender a coin]
Han Solo: Sorry about the mess.

There has been a lot of speculation as to who shot first, but regardless Greedo met his match.  That famous scene also spawned an ever ending quest to determine, find and build the ultimate Greedo Killer based on the movie.  Many of the add-on parts are known as Greeblies.  These parts have become quite scarce and the ones that are available usually get snatched up quite fast.  As a result, the prices for these are often quite expensive when they do service.

Greedo Killer - Star Wars Blaster - Han Solo

The gun was either an original broom handle 1896 mauser or a replica MGC 1916. MGC or Model Gun Corporation was a japanese company that eventually went out of business.

Greedo Killer – Building Your Own Greedo Killer Blaster

  • Mauser 1896 or C96 – If you can find a MGC 1916 Mauser, get it, but it will probably be unlikely.  Your next alternative will be a Denix C96 Mauser.  These are readily available for under $100.
  • Scope – The original scope was Compac Super 4×31 Scope, an almost impossible scope to find.  The next best alternative is the Weaver K1.5-1 or Weaver K 1.5.
  • Scope Rings – The Weaver 1 inch variants will work perfectly.
  • Scope Mount – This is the tricky part that will require luck, the ability to craft your own or purchase from someone who can make them.
  • Flashhider – This was from a WWII M-3 and M-3A1 Grease Gun called the M9 Flash Hider.
  • Front Grill – The original one had 11 ribs, but a company called Corellian Exports makes and Aluminum Grill with 12 ribs.

Now of course you could skip all of the above if you can find someone willing to sell theirs.  To me what makes this blaster really cool is the fact that it was based on the Broom Handle Mauser that was used throughout WWII and the fact that they used a WWII Flashhider from the Grease Gun.  It’s sort of a blending of my passions.  Antiques & Sci-Fi.

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