Marx Pressed Steel Marcrest Toy Truck


Marx Pressed Steel

Marx Pressed Steel Marcrest Toy Truck

Toys are awesome picks given the right price range. Look for toys that are made out of pressed steel from the 1930s – 1940s. If you find one for $25 or less, you can usually flip it for at least $25-$50.

I really love the look of the Marx Pressed Steel toy trucks.  They are usually about 10-15 inches long and just say antique.

Here is one that was listed for $150.  I picked up one very similar for $70 through Ebay.  It is the really cool white truck below.

It seems most antique dealers know the value of the Marx Pressed Steel toy trucks, so you probably are not going to get any deals from antique stores.  Finding a Marcrest toy truck at estate sales and flea markets is your best bet.

Marx Pressed Steel Marcrest

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