Peerless Pinker Pinking Shears


Peerless Pinker Pinking ShearsOur Antique Outings this past weekend took us to New Braunfels Texas where we headed into an antique mall called the Downtown Antiques Mall.  There Kathleen found an awesome pick called the Peerless Pinker Pinking Shears.  We are a big fan of sewing scissors and shears and found these really unique.  They look almost steampunk in design.

The Peerless Pinking shears were a design by Saul Shaler, who was an inventor in New York City.  Saul applied for a Pinking Shears patent #2676401 in on March 16 1950 and the patent was approved on April 27, 1954.  The Peerless shears Kathleen found were in pristine condition, including the original box.  They are a really cool mint greenish blue or turquoise.  She paid $6.50 for them which was a steel, since others are being sold on Ebay for $40-$50.  Even though these were produced in the 1950’s, they are still relatively rare pinking shears.  You can read more about the Self-Adjusting Peerless Pinker Pinking Shears patent here.

Saul designed the Peerless Pinker to be ultra-lite and he did this by designing blades out of stamped steel and the handles out of cast aluminum.  This made them much lighter than most pinking shears of the same length (approx. 10″).  They were sold as professional high end pinking shears by the Twix Manufacturing Company, which probably attributes to their rarity.

The markings on these say patent pending, so based on the dates above, our Peerless Pinker shears were probably manufactured somewhere between 1950 and 1954.

Peerless Pinking Shears Saul Shaler
Peerless Pinker Twix Manufacturing Company

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