Simplex Stamp Affixer


Simplex Stamp AffixerProbably the wildest looking Stamp Affixer is the Simplex Stamp Affixer that was produced by the Simplex Manufacturing company out of New York.  The Original Patent date appears to be October 27, 1908 (902179) by inventors Goodwin B Smith and Ira Robins.  Their original design then appears to have modified and patented June 7, 1909 by Charles James Fancher.  The Simplex Manufacturing company was located in Thomasville Connecticut.

I haven’t been able to find much information on the Simplex Stamp Affixer.  I assume it wasn’t as big a seller as the Multiplex Stamp Affixer.

Patent number: 902179
Filing date: Dec 6, 1906
Issue date: Oct 27, 1908

Patent number: 952439
Filing date: Jun 7, 1909
Issue date: Mar 15, 1910
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