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Standard Stamp AffixerThe Standard Stamp Affixer is another fine example of an antique Stamp Affixer invented by the Standard Mailing Machines Company.  Standard’s company was based out of Everett Massachusetts.  The Standard Stamp Affixer looks similar to the Multipost Stamp Affixer, but has a few differences.  The most obvious difference is the spiral looking plunger rod vs Multipost’s squared off rod.  I have seen pictures of the lightning Stamp Affixer and it looks much closer to that.

Most early models had the ability to view the inner workings of the affixer.  Most models also had locks on the stamp affixers to help prevent theft of stamps.

The first patent for the Standard Stamp Affixer is August 8, 1916 (1193730).  A few other patents include the dates January 9, 1917 (1211499) and December 28, 1926.

Stamp affixers like the Standard Stamp Affixer, mechanized, be it by hand, the process of affixing stamps to letters.   They also made it much more difficult for employees to steal stamps.  Around 1900, stamp vending machines were introduced. Initially, only private companies made coils of stamps.  They did this by obtaining sheets of stamps issued by the government and then coiled them through various processes.   By 1908, the US Post Office started to issue coils of stamps due to demand.   This demand also brought rise to the stamp affixers and companies offering such products.

Competitors to the Standard Stamp Affixer included Multipost, Wizard, Postamper, Symplex and Kendall.

Here are a list of patents

Patent number: 1193730 Invented by FREDERICK W. STORCK
Filing date: May 13, 1912
Issue date: Aug 8, 1916

Patent number: 1211499 Invented by FREDERICK W. STORCK
Filing date: May 10, 1911
Issue date: Jan 9, 1917

An earlier version of the Standard Stamp Affixer was also made for the Standard Mailing Machine Company

Patent number: 993732 Invented by FREDERICK W. STORCK
Filing date: May 14, 1910
Issue date: May 30, 1911


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