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Vintage Cooler Dr. PepperVintage Coolers of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s were built like tanks and practically weigh as much.  I never really paid much attention to these bulky ice chests, but vintage coolers seem to have really become popular.  My favorite of these are the Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.  The Dr. Pepper ones came in a really gorgeous lime green color scheme and Pepsi had a beautiful light blue.  Of course Coca-Cola ones are the fire engine red.

Over time however many of these ice chests were left outside letting the elements have at them.  Most original ones will have surface rust on the sides and bottom.  Occasionally you will find some that were sheltered in a garage or house and are in almost perfect shape.

A vintage cooler with little rust can fetch $200 – $400.  A recent trend is to completely restore the vintage coolers to almost new condition.  These of course sell for premium prices and can retail for well over a $1000.

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