Vintage Schwinn Bicycles


Just thought I would share some of our Vintage Schwinn Bicycles.  You can find some really good deals out there on the Schwinn bicycle line.  These bikes are bomb proof and are so much fun to ride.  They weigh a ton, but they have that classic look that people love.  You can usually find these bikes for between $200-$400 and they will be in ride-able condition.

When purchasing vintage bicycles, you may run across terms like pre war or post war. These mean before or after World War 2.

Schwinn Corvette

Above is our 1958 Schwinn Corvette.  The Corvette is a internal 3-speed with hand breaks.

Schwinn Panther

Above is Kathleen’s Schwinn Panther.  The Schwinn Panther is a single speed with a foot break.


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I share a passion for collecting all things vintage and antique and love to share that passion with others.


  1. Sweet ride amigo! I will to take it for a spin while I’m out there. Or better yet, look for one my size!

    • Hey Brad,

      Your best bet is Ebay or Craigslist if it is available where you are.

      You are probably going to have to get it outside of Australia, so you will have to pay shipping.

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