Yugoslavian Mauser Oiler – M94 Rifle


Yugoslav Mauser OilerThe Yugoslavian Mauser Oiler was part of a Yugoslavian Mauser cleaning kit.  The Oiler is constructed of brass with 2 internal cells and 2 screw tops.  I came across one of these while attending a gun show here in Austin.  I hadn’t see one before and thought it was rather cool.

The gun kit containing the Yugoslav Mauser Oiler was for the Mauser M48 rifle.  After firing the rifle the soldier would take out their rifle cleaning kit to remove grime and protect the rifle from damage.  Since the bore of the rifle took most of the abuse, that is where the soldier would do the majority of cleaning.

Yugoslovian Cleaning Kit

Each side of the Yugoslavian Mauser Oiler is marked with either a ПОД (podmazivanye – greasing) (Oil), which looks like NO  and  ЧИШ CIS (chishchenye) (cleaning) on the other side, which looks like 4NW – .  In the 4NW section housed cleaning detergent DM-C (DM for detergent, Č with apostroph or CH = čišćenje or cleaning).  The DM-C mixture was a solution of about 2% detergent to 98% water.  The other side housed oil.  This was used to grease the gun, especially the bore.

I am not sure if these were used in WWI, but they certainly made their way to WWII.  If anyone has more background information on these we would love to hear.  The cheapest place I have found these is on the LibertyTreeCollectors.com website.   They were selling them for $6 a pop, which is a $1 less than I paid for mine.  These are great little collectors items that are just fun to have.



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