Ace Stapler Model No 202 Scout


Ace Stapler Model No 202 ScoutThe Ace Stapler Model No 202 also known as the Ace Scout has patents starting around 1936.  The Ace 202 Standard stapler was made in Chicago, Illinois by the Ace Fastener Corporation.  It appears that William G. Pankonin was at least one of the inventors of the 202 patents.

Their tag line was “Makers of the world’s best stapling machines”.

The 202 differs from the 102 in length and design.  As far as we can tell there were at least 3 variation in body design to the Scout.  There were also at least 3 two tone colored versions including copper/silver, red/silver, green/silver combos.  The patents for the more modern looking Ace Stapler Model No 202’s seem to start around 1957.  We have yet to find a patent that shows this stapler prior to the 1950’s.

We were able to track down 2 boxes of staples for these and both seem to work.  The model No. 202 is stated to use No. 200 staples.  However Ace also produced clipper point staples that worked both in the 202 staplers as well as the Ace Clipper Plier No 702 (See last image below).

The Ace Stapler Model No 202 measures over 4 1/2 inches long by about 3 1/2 tall.  It is closer to 5 inches long.

Below are some 5 patent dates that appear on the bottom of the Ace Stapler Model No 202 stapler.

Patent number: 2033018
Filing date
: Jan 22, 1930
Issue date: Mar 3, 1936

We found other patents that seem to indicate that the 202 scout might have been made starting in the mid to late 50’s.  There is a lot of information on the internet that reference the 1930’s patent date as the date for these staplers, which in our opinion is incorrect, at least for the ones that have the downward sloped design.

Patent number: 2780809
Filing date: Jan 25, 1955
Issue date: Feb 12, 1957

Patent number: 2937375
Filing date: Apr 11, 1958
Issue date: May 24, 1960

Below are images of 3 different versions of the Ace Stapler Model No 202 Scout.  Ace also produced a stapler known as the Cadet that can be mistaken for the older Scout since they look very similar.

Ace 202 Scout

Ace Clipper No.702 and Ace Scout 202

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  1. Thanks for your work. I have a Ace PILOT 402. All original; well used; still in service. What a tool! I have a long version somewhere at home. Your Web site has prompted me to go find it and look it up. Thanks again. — rich

    • Tom Crandall on

      Hi Rich,

      Thanks a ton. I do fun it a lot of fun looking up patents. You never know where it is going to take you and what history you’re going to learn. Right now I have been learning about bayonets from the late 1800’s – WW2. Love this stuff.

  2. Very interesting post. Thanks for all the info. There’s not so much information about these out there, certainly much less than one would think. The had these Scout model staplers in my (primary) school in the early 70s and I have wanted to have one for my desk ever since but only got hold of a couple of them a few weeks ago. The staples I found are marked ‘ACE Clipper 70001, to be used in #702 Clipper Stapler’; they work well and the box says they are made for the ACE Fastener Co in Korea.

  3. I have a Scout 202 that is turquoise and silver. Perhaps it is what you called the green/silver? But it is more blue green than grass green. I love it because I collect anodized aluminum and it matches the colors, but also lead me to begin a stapler collection. I am a nerd that way!

  4. I have an Ace model 202 Scout that I have had since 1950 and still in use. The staples that I use are Clipper 70001 that are made in KOREA, they work well,but have a tendency to JAM. After this last jam I am retiring my Scout.

  5. i have just bought a scout No 202 with stapels with inspected card and no 4680 mine was probebly in a school as it has room no 203 ingraved on it i did find all the numbers on the bottom are the same except one 2103551 were your is 2103351 can you check for me if you made a mistake

    South Africa

  6. Hello, I am from Uruguay, and a have one scout 202 that use evry day. The model is wath appear at left of picture, and have the same 5 patents. I don’t know the year it was made, but is sure before 1971.
    Thank you

  7. Andrew C. Mueller on

    I have a Scout model 202 I’ve inherited from my mother. I think she bought it at Zillmer’s Office Supplies in Waukesha, WI. about 1951. She used it ALOT and too find it a very useful also. I wouldn’t give it up for anything!
    Her name is engraved on the inside bottom.

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