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The American Microphone Company was founded by Fern A. Yarbrough and they were based out of Los Angeles California.

Like many early microphone companies of the 1930’s, there isn’t a ton of information on American Microphone during the early years.

From the information I have been able to track down they made at least 3 types of double button carbon microphones including the model EL, model A1 and model CD.  The most common of these seems to be the EL model.  There were also a few variants of the EL.  The A1 model was expensive for a carbon microphone but also much bigger than the EL or the CD.

American Microphone Company Model EL

American Microphone Company History

The American Microphone Company was founded in the 1930’s by Fern A. Yarbrough and they were based out of Los Angeles California.  In the 1955, the American Microphone Company was purchased by Elgin Watch Company who then sold them to the General Cement Company of Rockford, IL.  The company was finally acquired by Electro-Voice who by the end of the 1960’s eventually retired the line.

American Microphone Models

Model EL

American Microphone Company Antique EL

American Microphone Company Double Button Carbon Ring BackAmerican Microphone Company Double Button Carbon Ring Vintage Front

Model A1
An extra large two-button quality microphone extremely rugged in construction, built especially for American Microphone Company With Standall broadcasting purposes. The diaphragm is of aluminum alloy .002 thickness, with pure gold contacts on each surface under the buttons. This model is 3 Vz in. diameter by 1 % in. thick, the frequency range being from 30 to 7500 cycles; 100 ohms per button, requiring 6 volts with not over 10 mils per button. Brush nickel (steel) finish. Each unit carefully inspected and tested before shipment, and shipped you under the American Microphone Company guarantee.

American Microphone Company A1 Carbon Microphone

Model CD
A two-button microphone, built only for voice pick-up faithfully reproducing all the notes and sounds within the audible range of the human voice. It is especially built for Public Address work; Amateur broadcasters and experimenters. Its frequency range is from 45 to 3500 cycles, impedance 100 ohms per button. This microphone is of brush nickel (steel) finish. Each unit carefully inspected and
tested before shipment.

American Microphone Company also produced a few microphone desk and floor stands in either three point or 4 point configuration.

A Desk Stand of three point suspension, much superior to any now on the market. Ring is 5 in. in diameter, built especially to accommodate small microphones. The base is cast and sets upon four rubber legs, which protect polished surfaces, and eliminates any possibility of blasting while in use. Beautifully finished in Statuary Bronze Plate. Bear in mind that this Desk Stand is of three point suspension and not built for American Microphones.

This Desk Stand contains a ring 6 in. in diameter, built to accommodate Models “CD” and “Al” and will also fit any large two-button microphone. Large four point suspension ring and other specials feature this quality product. The microphone cable passes through the base of the stand.

An extra heavy floor stand, with extra heavy base weighing 18 lbs., so that all possibility of tipping is eliminated. The top ring is 6 in. in diameter, four point suspension to accommodate all large microphones now in use. Total extended height, 6 ft. It is smoothly operated with very positive clamp lock, preventing falling of stand while extended. Finished in Statuary Bronze, making a fine studio appearance.

American Microphone Company Double Button Spring Carbon Microphone


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