Bosch Lithium Drills


Before there were Bosch tools or home appliances there was a man with a vision.  On November 15, 1886, Robert Bosch received official approval to open a “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” at 75B Rotebühlstrasse in Stuttgart.   Together with a mechanic and an errand boy, Robert’s vision was to improve quality of life with innovative products and services.

His motto was to ”Never forget your humanity, and respect human dignity in your dealings with others.”  Robert Bosch 1931.

Fast forward over 120 years and the Bosch name is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

Quality Not Quantity

For many people who love collecting antiques and old vintage things, you will really appreciate the quality that Bosch brings to their products.  Back in the 1920s – 1950s, America was buzzing with quality goods.  US Factories produced some of the best products the world had ever seen.  Real quality tools and machinery that would stand the test of time and usage. By picking up a tool you could just feel the quality and workmanship.  Companies and workers took pride in creating top notch products.  Then the 60’s and 70’s rolled in and it was all about price and profits.  Gone were the days of quality goods and instead outsourcing became a reality.  Cheap labor and cost cutting was all the rage.

During all this time the Bosch line remained stedfast in their pursuit of quality and producing something that would last for years.

On The Hunt For A Quality Drill

I have always admired quality tools often collecting tools from the early days.  There is something magical about a hand tool that was designed to last for a very long time, the weight, the look, the feel and the performance.  Ah yes the performance.

The problem with antique drills is they are great for little jobs, but if you really want to go to town, a battery operated one is so much easier and better.  So with that aspect in mind I set out to research various companies and drills that I thought were up to the task.  One name kept coming up, Bosch.

Something about the name spoke out to me.  Doing a little more digging and it became immediately clear that I wanted to test out a Bosch drill.  I decided to contact the folks at Bosch about what I was looking for and received a reply from Andy.  He suggested the Bosch 12V PS32 and thought it was perfect for DIY (Do It Yourself) jobs.

A few weeks later and the Drill arrived.

Bosch Drill

What Comes With Drill

  • (1) – L-Boxx Inlay
  • (1) – Magnetic Bit Holder
  • (1) – 4 Piece Bit Tip Set
  • (1) – Belt Clip
  • (1) – 4X Bit Tip Holder
  • (2) – 12 Volt Lithium Batteries
  • (1) – Canvas Bag.

Bosch 12V PS32 Specifications


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