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Bump Paper FastenerThe Bump Paper Fastener, Clipless Paper Fastener, and Stapleless Staplers were developed around 1909-1920’s. The first company to introduce a paperless fastener was the Clipless Paper Fastener Co. in 1909.

Bump Paper Fastener – Just Give It A Bump

Soon after, in 1910, the Bump’s Perfected Paper Fastener Co. released their version. Instead of using staples to fasten sheets of paper, the Bump Paper Fastener fastens sheets of paper together by cutting, then folding and finally tucking the cut paper back into itself. This tasked is accomplished by simply bumping the top of the paper faster and the tool does the rest. Environmentalists would love this device, it was the ultimate in green office technology back then, without the use of metal staples.

Bump Paper Fastener History

The Bump Paper Fastener was invented by George P Bump and patented (US1065904) in 1913. George Bump went on to create the Bump’s Perfected Paper Fastener Company and at some point changed the name to The Bump Paper Fastener Company in La Crosse Wisconsin.

After the table top version, George went about inventingBump Paper Fastener a hand held version of the Bump Paper Fastener and on July 21, 1914 (US1104622) it was patented. As far as we have been able to tell there were 4 different versions of the Bump Paper Fasteners. There appears to have been 2 tabletop versions and 2 handheld versions.

You can read about what we discovered about the Bump Paper Fasteners.

At some point these devices disappeared and the stapler took off. It reminds me of the VHS vs Beta Max or the 8 Track vs the Cassette tape. Doing a quick search on ebay, you can still find a few of these gems.

The one pictured above is made made from steel. It was made in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Many people people will often mistake these for metal staplers, which they certainly aren’t.

Bump Paper Fastener – How Does It Work

Below is what happens when you use the Bump Paper Fastener on two sheets of paper. The pink sheet was the bottom sheet and the cream was the top. Notice how the the sheets were folded into the horizontal slice.

Bump Paper Fastener - La Crosse, Wisconsin - Geroge P Bump
Bump Paper Fastener Cut

The Bump and Clipless Paper Fasteners usually came in 2 forms, a table top version and a hand held version.

  • The Clipless Paper Fastener – is a little beefier than the Bump Paper Fastener. These were made starting around 1910 and are not very common.
  • The Bump Paper Fastener – These are much more common and often also had the ability to punch holes. They were made around 1916-50.
  • The Stapleless Stapler – These are a handheld version of the desktop and often look like hand held staplers. They were made sometime between 1910-1920. I have seen a few that were also desktop versions.

Bump Paper Fastener Competitors
Clipless Paper Fastener Company

If you do a search on Bump Paper Fastener on Ebay, you will see that some are actually still being made today, but the quality and craftsmanship is no where near what they were. Check the Office Museum’s Website for info on the Bump Paper Fastener.

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  1. john sundquist on

    I found a BUMP PAPER FASTENER at a yard sale today. I appreciate the information on your site. Mine is a hand held version, but is different then the ones in your picture. It is a little less heavy in construction. It is marked PATD. 6-24-13. and is stamped Lacrosse Wis. U.S. I tried it out and couldn’t believe how it cuts the paper and then folds it back into the slot.

    • Tom Crandall on

      Hey John,

      Great find. Love when stuff like that happens. Yeah Bump Paper Fasteners are really cool and most people have no idea what they are used for.

  2. Cool! Mine sat on my Grandfathers desk for years and he gave it to me a few years before he passed. WOuld love a guesstimate on the age. It does say “Bump Paper Fastener, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Patent Pending” on the front. ANy ideas as to age?

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