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Compo StaplerOK I will admit it.  I just love staplers from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  There is something special about them that just warms my heart.  The Compo Stapler was manufactured by the Compo Manufacturing Company located in Westport Connecticut.  The patent  dates back to 1923 and was invented by Richard J. Holt-Hausen.  I found it a little funny that the US patent office really buchard his name when you try to do a look up online.   The inventor is listed as “BICHABD J. HOLZHAXTSEN”.  I guess someone had the case of really fat fingers that day. 🙂

Compo Stapler – Patent History

Richard submitted the patent (1441683) on December 14th, 1921 and it was approved on January 9th, 1923.  The patent was for a Staple Machine, which at the time, was what some staplers were referred to as.  I couldn’t find much information on how long the Compo Manufacturing Company existed for or how long the Compo stapler was produced.


Compo Stapler – Sales Pitch

The Compo Stapler was sold as a non clogging paper stapler.  It accepted No 1 staples, but they suggested using the Combo No 1 staples to increase sales no doubt.  It was touted as a stapler that could also unbend staples. They even made a rubber cushion that would fit on top of the plunger.  They had a motto “It Never Foils In the Clinches.”


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