Hotchkiss Stapler #54


The Hotchkiss Stapler #54 is one of those stapler designs that looks very art deco.  The stapler was patented on Dec 4, 1934 (1983397).  At the time of the patent it was referenced as a “flier type stapling machine”.  The inventors name was Fridolin Polzer from South Norwalk, Connecticut.  He originally submitted the application on Nov 27, 1931.  Fridolin Polzer was also an inventor for other Hotchkiss stapler designs.  He worked on hand held versions including the model #52 (D104726 Jun 1, 1937),

What makes the Hotchkiss Stapler #54 a little more unique is the various color patterns that were used.  Some had enamel coloring, while others just used the plain metal.

If you find one of these, they tend to be rather rare, so if you see one for under $20, you can certainly make money off of it.  Check out our article on the Hotchkiss Stapler to see about Hotchkiss stapler history.

Below are some of the more exotic examples that had the enamel coloring scheme.

Hotchkiss Stapler #54 Enamel Yellow and Orange

Hotchkiss Stapler #54 Enamel Black and White

Hotchkiss Stapler #54 Patent 1983397


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