Here are some of our favorite links

Antique Guns, Bayonets and other military Gear

ArmyList – This is a free online For Sale/Want To Buy service connecting people from around the US together.
Craigslist – A great place to potentially find Antiques except for guns
Ebay – Again everything besides guns.  I shop on Ebay a lot.  I highly recommend the website Auction Sniper to help you win your actions.  I have about an 80-90% win ration when using Auction Sniper.  The only time I have lost is if someone outbid me at the last moment and I didn’t want to bid that high.
J&J Military Antiques
Guns America

Military/Gun Forums
Cast Boolits
Gun Boards
Mil Surps

Books On Bayonets
Bayonets Of Japan by Raymond C Labar – Awesome Resource for Japanese Bayonets.
Bayonets from Janzen’s Notebook by Jerry L. Janzen
Collecting Bayonets by Dr. Jim Maddox”
An Illustrated History Of Bayonets by by Martin J. Brayley

Websites On Bayonets
World Of Bayonets