The Stapler dates back to late 18th century France and thus started Stapler History.   In the 1700’s King Louis XIV of France requested paper fasteners for the Kings documents.    The process was time intensive, since each staple had to be hand crafted and individually fastened (no automatic feeding).  Every staple required the insignia of the royal court to be inscribed.  Henry Heyl is known as the first patent holder in 1877.  His device allowed stapling to be a one step process.

Paper Fastener and Staplers are pretty synonymous, although the term paper fastener has pretty much been eliminated as a form of reference.  In the early 19th century a new form of stapleless stapler appeared.  It was a true green invention, requiring no metal staples.  The two main players were the Bump Paper Fastener and the Clipless Paper Fastener.  These were relatively short lived products and were eventually phased out.

Unique Stapler Historical Facts

Stapler history In Japan dates back to the Hotchkiss stapler.   The word for the Hotchkiss Stapler is called ホチキス, ruffly translated hochikisu, but as it turns out staplers in general are called hochikisu. In Korea, staplers are called 호치키스, or hochikiseu. It is presumed the Koreans borrowed the word from Japan.

Surgical grade staples and staplers are used during surgery as a substitute for sutures.  No need to sew thread when a surgical stapler can be used.

This next bit of information has nothing to do with Staplers, but it is interesting.  Stapler as a family name pertained to someone who lived near a boundary post.

Ace Stapler Model 102

Ace Stapler – Model 102

Ace Scout Model 202 Stapler

Ace Stapler – Scout Model 202

Ace Stapler - Scout Model 202

Ace Stapler – Scout Model 202

Hotchkiss Stapler - No 2 Paper Fastener

Hotchkiss Stapler – No 2 Paper Fastener

Ace Stapler - Scout Model 202

Ace Stapler – Scout Model 202

Compo Stapler

Compo Stapler

Hotchkiss Stapler

Hotchkiss Stapler – Model 3A

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